Hey, Welcome to Janna's!
Located in historic downtown Faribault.  Our Market Grill offers a wide variety of freshly prepared pre-made meals, baked goods and
grocery store conveniences.  


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Our newly renovated "grocerant" is now an incredibly convenient walk-through market! 
We make your shopping, eating and living convenient & affordable!

Here's When & What We Do!

  • Monday -Friday 8AM-6PM

         Saturdays and Sundays 9AM - 3PM


  • Upscale Marketplace

  • Freshly Prepared Heat-N-Serve Entrees

  • Individually Packaged Salads, Sandwiches & Snacks

  • Perfect Meal Planning  for families, singles or couples,
    athletes or couch potatoes, retirees or us working stiffs!


  • Online ordering - Pick up in store or curbside

  • Daily Delivery service with doordash.

  • Hot Lunch Menu Available Monday - Friday 11AM -1PM

  •  Caterings

  • And... a Bakery - YUM!

Here's How We Do It..

  • Created Daily

  • Freshest Ingredients

  • Locally Sustained Produce

  • Fresh Herbs 

  • Professionally Prepared

  • Microwaveable Containers

  • 3 Minute Reheat at Home

Here's Where We Do It


  • Historic Downtown Faribault

  • Conveniently located off I-35 or Hwy 60

  • Click here for Map

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Here's How You Get It...


Try eating better!

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