Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, everyone! 

I hope the following Q and A will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions we hear.

I would also like to hear from you once you've made our entrees at home. I'm here to help you and knowing how this helps your family is important to us . So please let me know how things heated up, or how it helped dad, or if something wasn't as great as we intended it would be.   

Please let us know your experience.  We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.  

Check out your questions and my answers below.

Live well by eating better!


When is hot breakfast?
     Right now, we have amazing cinnamon sticky buns and rolls.  More to come soon!
     Otherwise, breakfast entrees can be found in our cold Market and heated in three minutes.

Do you deliver?

     We do deliver to predetermined locations.  Those locations can be found at the Outpost Locations tab, on our website.

Where do you get your bread?

     Sliced bread is from a family owned bakery in Minneapolis.  The whole bakeable breads are from Labrea Bakery.
      All other breads and baked goods are made in house.

Do you make your desserts in-house?

     Yes, we do!  Here are just a few of the delicious treats that we make in-house; chocolate chip cookies, walnut chocolate chip cookies, the heart-sugar cookies, cinnamon buns, banana bread, sticky rolls and much more!

Are these containers microwaveable? 

     Yes, all of the containers that have a black bottom are fully microwaveable.  We suggest keeping the lids on, they are designed to go in the microwave covered.

For how long do I need to microwave it?

      We suggest 3 minutes for most entrees.  
     Our family-sized entrees, in the metal tins, bake at 350, covered for 15 minutes, uncovered for the last 10 minutes.

Are desserts available all of the time?
     Yes, unless we are out of stock.

May I buy a whole cake?
     Yes, a tab for whole cakes will be available soon.  But, until then, call us.

Does sauce come on everything?
     It depends upon the entree, because some recipes include a sauce.

Can I order these meals for bigger family gatherings and holidays?

     That will be coming soon.  Watch our website for updates.

Do you make meals for Dietary restrictions?

     Yes, so far we have gluten free, keto and Diabetic options available.

May I buy your store decorations?

     Yes, we will always be changing out store decor, just ask.  Otherwise, see more options at Finally A Gift Store, right across the street.

Is seating available?

     Yes, we have indoor seating to accommodate 28 people, as well as a section of outdoor patio seating.